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Improve Your Claims Operation

Discover Ways to Improve Your Claims Operations with Current Trends and Real-life Examples
Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Staying competitive in the insurance industry means continually improving claims handling. Today there are more sources of information than ever that are used during the claims process, including documents, images, voice transcripts, e-mails, and many other sources of both structured and unstructured data. Efficiently and effectively managing that information and related workflows are critical for success.

In this webinar, Mark Breading of Strategy Meets Action will address trends in insurance claims and the role of ECM in:


• Reducing operational costs

• Improving workflow

• Increasing productivity

• Enhancing reporting capabilities

• Improving the customer experience


During the last 10 minutes of this webinar, Jennifer Mangino, Insurance Industry Manager from Hyland, creator or OnBase, will show you the remarkable ECM capabilities of OnBase and specific real-life examples of how users have improved their claims operations.


Mr. Mark Breading


Mark is a recognized expert in advanced technologies and their implications for the insurance industry. He has exceptional knowledge of InsurTech, the customer experience, digital strategies, and emerging technologies. Exclusively serving the insurance industry, Strategy Meets Action (SMA) is an advisory services firm offering retainers, research, consulting, events, and InsurTech offerings to both insurance companies and solution providers. Mark can be reached at or by mobile phone at 1.614.562.8310. Follow Mark on Twitter @BreadingSMA.   

Ms. Jennifer Mangino


Jennifer Mangino is the industry manager for the Insurance Solutions Group at Hyland, creator of OnBase.  Prior to joining Hyland, Jennifer spent the first decade of her career at a P&C insurance carrier.  Jennifer focuses on helping insurance organizations transform business processes that drive efficiency, improve user experience and elevate customer satisfaction.  Jennifer works with current and prospective customers to use our award-winning product, OnBase, to drive business transformation.

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