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  • Martha Notaras Will Join ITA LIVE 2019 as a Keynote Speaker

  • We are pleased to announce that Martha Notaras, Partner with XL Innovate, will be serving as one of three keynote speakers at ITA LIVE 2019.

    Martha's session is titled "InsurTechs: Past, Present and Future". With over 1000 insurtechs launched since 2015, fueled by $11 billion in venture investment, Martha will explore which companies and technologies are gaining traction with insurers and customers, and the secrets behind their success so far.

    Martha is a Partner at venture capital fund, XL Innovate, investing in insurtech, including startups focused on data & analytics and new business models. XL Innovate’s investments include Lemonade, Embroker, New Energy Risk, Notion, Cape Analytics, Slice Labs, Pillar Technologies and Stonestep. Martha serves on the boards of: Notion, an IoT home awareness solution provider reducing risk for insurers and homeowners; GeoQuant, creator of a revolutionary platform for measuring political risk in real time, using machine learning; Pillar Technologies, an end-to-end environmental monitoring solution to reduce risk at construction sites; and Cape Analytics, which leverages geospatial imagery, computer vision, and machine learning to deliver more accurate property data.

    Martha's session will take place on the opening night of ITA LIVE 2019,
    from 5:15 to 6:00 p.m., Sunday, May 5, 2019.


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